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LP2 Outperforms Competition In Tests

Marco’s LP2™ Ridge Vent product has had a proven track record of successful installations and performance for years. Now, third-party tests have confirmed it outperforms competitive products.

While customers have reported successful results with Marco’s premier ventilation product for years, the company took the extra step of investing in third-party product testing to prove LP2’s superior performance.

““Value through the roof” is what we pledge to provide every customer with every product we sell,” said Marco president, Blake Atkins. “Part of that value is going the extra mile to ensure our products perform to the high standards we’ve set for ourselves. That’s why we invested in competitive testing for LP2.”

An independent lab studied three different ridge vent products, including Marco’s LP2, in a series controlled tests. In all tests, the Marco product came out on top.

Air Permeability Test (ASTM D 3574-11 Test G): LP2 averaged 1045 CFM/SF compared to 893 and 821 for the competitive products.

Air Flow Application Test: Under identical conditions, LP2 provided up to 30% better airflow than the competitive products tested based on the relationship between airflow restriction and static pressure change.

Materials Testing (Peak Melting Temperature): LP2’s unique polyester non-woven insert material was tested against the competition sample’s polyurethane open cell foam insert materials. While the competitive product’s inserts showed a Peak Melting Temperature of 114° C and 108° C, LP2’s insert material performed to a much higher 239° C.

According to Marco, the performance difference is due to the fact that their patented LP2 Ridge Vent is made from non-fabric-covered Python™ vent material. This durable, modified polyester is a non-woven, non-wicking, fiber-based matting. Its specially cut contours provide a custom, low-profile fit for any pitch and most major metal roof profiles.

In addition to the superior lab test results, the company also reports that LP2 provides a superior net-free ventilation area that still helps keep out moisture, pests and dust. Plus, LP2 can be installed by just one person in three easy steps. The screw bed and industrial strength peel-and-stick adhesive pre-applied to LP2 makes this one of the easiest installations on the market.