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15 Footballs Fields Under One Roof!

Lester Buildings’ Meadow Star Dairy barn is an 882,000 ft2 wonder, with Marco Closure overhead.

It’s the biggest Lester Buildings project to date—a massive 18.7 acres under one roof near Pennock, Minnesota. The post-frame barn is both an engineering feat and a testament to the longstanding relationship between Lester Buildings and their clients. Riverview LLC, which owns Meadow Star Dairy, had worked with Lester Buildings in the past. The year was 1995 and the project was a 500-cow dairy. So when the company wanted to expand to an incredible 8,500-cow dairy, they called Lester.

The stats are impressive:

  • 610’ x 1440’ under one roof
  • 1,300 columns
  • ¼-mile long free-stall
  • 1,600,000 ft2 of concrete
  • 556 rafters
  • 388 trusses
  • 740,000 screws
  • 8,500 cows (7,500 milked, 1,000 in maternity)
  • 25 calves born per day
  • 106-cow rotary milking parlour operates 24-hours a day
  • 8 semi-tankers of milk/day

Marco is honored to have our closure included as a part of this extraordinary building. To see more about the Meadow Star Dairy facility, check out this video.

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