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What Is The Post-Frame Advantage?

There are many advantages to post-frame construction, and Marco is proud to sponsor the Post-Frame Advantage program, helping spread the word to promote the industry.

At Marco, we believe promoting the metal roofing industry and educating your customers is an important responsibility that everyone in our business should embrace. As part of that commitment, Marco has been an active supporter of the National Frame Building Association’s (NFBA) Post-Frame Advantage program. The Post-Frame Advantage program educates the design, code and engineering community on the advantages of post-frame construction for low-rise, commercial buildings.

The primary advantages of post-frame construction we promote are durability, cost-effectiveness, design versatility, and sustainability. These are proven benefits outlined on the Post-Frame Advantage website and supported with a number of helpful case studies, all available on the site for free.

In fact, the Post-Frame Advantage website offers a variety free resources and programs on post frame which include:

The Post-Frame Advantage materials are a valuable resource you can use to educate your customers. The Case Study section, for example, gives real-world examples of obstacles overcome by post-frame designs, and is searchable by market including medical, municipal, retail, commercial and more. Since the program is funded by sponsors, all of this material is available for your use at no charge. Take advantage of it!

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