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Fighting Torrential Rains In El Salvador

Metal Panels Inc. is once again helping the needy in weather-stricken parts of the world. And Marco was honored to be a part.

Last fall, Metal Panels Inc. generously sent panels to Haiti to provide hurricane relief to those left homeless and devastated by the storms. Hurricane Matthew killed more than 500 people, left more than 175,000 without homes, and more than a million more struggling to survive in what United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called “absolute devastation.” At the time, the UN estimated at least 1.4 million Haitians were in need of urgent assistance as clean water, food, and medicine were in short supply, and an ongoing cholera epidemic threatened to worsen and spread after dozens of cholera treatment centers were destroyed. Metal Panels Inc. answered the call.

Recently, the company had the opportunity to do it again, this time sending two truckloads of panels and fasteners to El Salvador to provide people shelter in mountain regions that are regularly affected by torrential rains.

Marco was honored to help, donating more than 2,500 pounds of fasteners to secure the El Salvador-bound metal panels.

“What a great opportunity Metal Panels Inc. gave us,” said Blake Atkins, president of Marco. “To be able to help provide these people with a more permanent structure to keep the weather out of their homes … it’s humbling.”

Metal Panels Inc. partnered with several companies, including Marco, in order to supply the building materials. As they mention on their Facebook page, “many times as individuals, it is hard to decide what is the best way to donate some of your time, talent or treasure, so in this way we are fortunate to be in an industry that we can pool our resources together to make a difference to people who are in the greatest need.”