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Overdelivering On Underlayment

October’s Metal Construction News has a lot of good info about underlayment. Perfect timing to go along with the introduction of our all-new HydraShell underlayment!

This month, columns from various manufacturers around the industry cover a lot a good material about underlayment. From articles titled “Installing Self-Adhering Roof Underlayments,” and “Synthetic Roof Underlayments’ Continued Market Growth” to “Synthetic Underlayments Versus Felt,” you’ll find some worthwhile reading.

They point out that synthetics are safer than felt, tougher than felt, faster to install and more repellant to water. They also cover the conditions synthetic underlayment is ideal for, and the quality standards you should consider when making an underlayment choice.

If you have a moment, check them out! But if you’re seriously in the market for underlayment, put that information to good use and look into our new line of HydraShell synthetic underlayment.

You’ll find HydraShell passes the quality test in all areas. Plus, it brings a variety of superior features and benefits to your next roofing project, including:

  • High-temp rated for metal roofs, clay tile, metal shingles and copper roofs
  • Proprietary, non-woven walking surface and low-slip bottom coating
  • Requires significantly fewer fasteners, provides a tough, durable deck cover
  • Attaches with standard roof nails or staples (plastic caps not needed)
  • Cool Gray surface reduces heat build-up on hot days
  • Superior lay-flat properties — will not wrinkle or absorb water
  • Sustainable properties may contribute to LEED and NGBP ratings
  • Remains flexible and easy to install in cold climates
  • 100% synthetic construction that won’t rot or mold
  • Multi-layer construction and a rough fiber surface for extra durability

Available in three varieties—HydraShell SUPREME SA, HydraShell SUPREME and HydraShell MAX—our new underlayment is made in the U.S.A. and provides superior protection for your roof and everything underneath it. As one the Metal Construction News articles states, “There are three things a good roof should do: It should seal the home from water and ice damming damage, defend the home against the elements and allow the home to breathe through proper balanced ventilation. Synthetic underlayments are a critical part of the seal equation, creating a durable, tough barrier of protection before a single roofing panel is installed.”

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’re introducing the new HydraShell line of synthetic underlayment. We feel it stands up to anything on the market. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look and see for yourself.