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Marco Triples Warehouse Size

Marco announces a new 30,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center in Washington, nearly tripling its size in the region.

“We are relocating our Portland facility to the Port of Kalama,” said Blake Atkins, owner and president. “We’ll be bringing 10 employees with us, with the possibility of expanding even further in the future. We’re bursting at the seams!”

Marco is the second large tenant for the Port of Kalarma’s newest major warehouse building. One of Marco’s largest customers, Bridger Steel, is leasing 30,000 in the same building.

“Bridger often pairs their products with fasteners and other parts from Marco Industries to make a complete roofing package to offer their customers,” Atkins said. “Having facilities right next to each other will help streamline the process.”

Atkins noted that the Port of Kalama is an ideal location for Marco to expand its presence in the Pacific Northwest and to service its growing customer base in the region because of its proximity to transportation routes and the availability of qualified labor. He also pointed out that many of Marco’s existing Vancouver-based employees are looking forward to shorter commute times.

“They’ll be driving further, but probably half the amount of time as it takes to get to Portland from Vancouver,” he said.

Marco expects to be operating out of Kalama by July.

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