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Behind The Scenes

Peak behind the camera as Marco shoots a new video at our 218,000 square-foot Tulsa facility on proper ventilation.

In the video, Marco’s Director of Regional Sales for North America, Neil Westgarth, outlines how proper ventilation of your metal roof can save you money on energy costs and prevent heat and moisture damage to your home or building.

“Most metal roofs use natural airflow rather than electric fans to create air movement,” Westgarth says. “They rely on the natural effects of rising hot air from outside the building to remove the heat that builds up under your roof in warm weather, and the heat and moisture that collect during cold weather.”

Westgarth goes on to explain how a properly ventilated roof helps this airflow, and how ventilation solutions from the Marco Weather-Tite™ System can help in both hot and cold weather.

In addition to Neil, camera crews captured footage of our patented LP2™ Ridge Vent being installed and of the Marco team manufacturing our exclusive non-woven, non-wicking ventilation products.

“The video will not only provide some useful end-user information,” says Westgarth, “It highlights some of our manufacturing capabilities here in our Tulsa location.”

Watch for the finished video soon on Marco’s social media channels and here at