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Choosing A Roof Color: Top 5 Tips

The Metal Roofing Alliance recently announced 2018’s top roofing color trends. But how can you choose what color is right for you?

It’s true. 2018 is the year for bright, bold colors on new metal roofs from coast to coast. According to the MRA, “predictions for the most popular shades this year include bright reds, brilliant whites and moody deep blues. Multi-tones and raw organic hues such as copper, titanium and bright stainless steel also are attracting homeowners for their one-of-a-kind appeal.”

While it’s not likely homeowners will go so far as to choose Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, the industry believes the color experts at Pantone have their finger on the pulse of color styles. And with metal roofing offering a wide variety of color choice, this is one area we expect to see some vibrant choices.

Of course, this wide variety of color options also presents a problem. How to choose the right color? Fortunately, the MRA has posted five key tips to help with this decision. Here’s what they said:

1. View It In All Lights

Recognize that colors will look different on cloudy days versus bright sunshine, in the morning and as the evening turns dark.

2. Make Sure Pretty Is Practical

A white metal roof is considered a “cool roof” and can be 50 to 60 degrees cooler than a dark color asphalt shingle roof. Choose a lighter shade if you live in a sunny, hot climate region for maximum energy efficiency.

3. Consider Your Surroundings

Paint colors tend to change, but metal roofs will last for more than a half-century. The best bet is to ensure the color you choose fits with the style of your home and neighborhood.

4. Stand Up To The Test Of Time

Homeowners who want to ensure their roof’s color stays the same tomorrow as it is today should select material with high quality paint finishes, such as PVDF coatings. For those who prefer natural variances, some bare metals like copper will patina and naturally change color over time.

5. Try It On

The MRA offers a free online visualizer on its website where homeowners can upload a photo and see how their home might look with different types of roofing color and style options—a good way to try before buying.

For anyone looking to add a little style to their roofline, color may be the answer. And with these handy tips from the MRA, (especially the free online visualizer), everyone has the tools they need to make an informed decision that will bring some colorful excitement to their home.