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How To Choose A Drone Company

Drones are everywhere these days—even inspecting roofs. Do you know how to choose the right drone provider?

It’s true. Drones (officially called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles — or UAV’s) are impacting a number of industries in ways unheard of just a decade ago. Realtors are using them to showcase properties, refineries are sending them up to inspect flare tips without the cost of a shut-down, and television stations are putting their footage on the nightly news instead of costly helicopter shots. Now, leading minds in the roofing industry are taking advantage of the bird’s-eye view to streamline work and generate new revenue streams.

While the days of climbing up onto a roof are far from over, roof maintenance inspections with drones is a growing trend. While some may choose to get into the game with their own drones, others recognize that move is a big expense that comes with a huge learning curve. The next best thing: partner with an existing drone company. It can be an important differentiator for roofing contractors wanting to stand out to building owners and general contractors. Roofing supply distributors could also get in on the action by offering drone services (along with ventilation, underlayment and other roofing systems they provide) to their customers, opening up a whole new revenue stream. The key: finding the right drone company to partner with.

In a recent article, outlines five things you should consider when choosing a drone company: regulations, certifications, levels of experience, understanding the operational capacity of the service provider, and drone insurance. As the article points out, these are important factors to research before making a decision. Unfortunately, as the article states, there are “a great number of firms are operating illegitimately and will work to hide this truth from you.”

As a contractor or a roofing distributor seeking to add services you can offer your customers, a drone-company partnership may be a smart move. But thoughtful research into your choices is vital in making the right choice.

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