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Metal Roofing On The Rise

A recent MRA survey shows demand for metal roofing is on the rise as homeowners prepare for climate change.

While researching 600 U.S. homeowners, the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) found durability ranked as the number one priority for re-roofing decisions. Concerns about severe weather and climate-related factors were top-of-mind for many.

In a Construction Magazine story reporting the results, MRA executive director Renee Ramey provided some insight.

“Homeowners have witnessed the devastating impact of extreme climate events over the past few years. No matter what region they live in, the growing frequency of severe storms and wildfire disasters is causing concern, and homeowners are preparing by increasing the durability of their own homes.”

“With the ability to withstand hurricane-force, 140-mile per hour winds, damaging hail storms, resist wildfire sparks and hold up under unexpected heavy snow loads, the all-season, long-lasting durability of metal roofs has become a major selling point for homeowners wanting to guard against Mother Nature’s unpredictability,” the article stated.

Sustainability was also a key concern for homeowners. While metal roofs can last fifty years or more with little maintenance, asphalt roofing needs to be replaced two to four times in its lifetime. After re-roofing, metal can be recycled whereas asphalt shingles are dumped into landfills.

While metal roofing has a long way to go before catching traditional asphalt shingles, surveys like this one show the market is growing with no signs of stopping. And with all the benefits of metal roofing, we shouldn’t be surprised!