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Fastest Fasteners In Canada!

Think you know your way around a screw gun? We saw some of the best in the business at our recent fastest fastener competition in Toronto!

It was a beautiful day and more than 100 competitors came out to play at Wise Line Metal Sales. There were plenty of booths and goods to be seen, but one of the day’s most popular events proved to be the Marco fastest fasteners competition.

Each competitor got three tries to screw 5 Marco QuikGrip™ Metal2Wood #10 fasteners into both metal and wood. The fastest time took home the prize. And there were some nice prizes, too!

Wise Line provided the first place prize: a fully outfitted contractor belt with tools. Second place received a $100 Visa gift card from Marco and third place took home a $50 Visa gift card plus goodies, also supplied by Marco.

After approximately 1,500 fasteners, we had our winners! For privacy, we won’t reveal the names, but their impressive times were:

  • First Prize — 6.22 seconds
  • Second Prize – 6.40 seconds
  • Third Prize – 6.41 seconds

While it wasn’t technically a win, because it was on a fourth non-qualifying try, one competitor managed to zip through all 5 fasteners in just 5.64 seconds. Amazing! Thanks to all who came out and to our friends at Wise Line Metals Sales for hosting a fun day.