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Just Add Metal

Marco does not manufacture or sell metal roofs. That may come as a surprise to some, as we are known for our experience and expertise in residential, commercial and agricultural metal roofing. What we do offer are the many components vital to the efficiency, durability and protective performance of a metal roof.

Far more than simple sheets of steel, a metal roof is a complete system of materials that work together to provide stability, durability, ventilation and protection from moisture, pests and weather. These solutions are all part of the Marco Weather-Tite™ System. Without these products, a metal roof cannot deliver the superior performance people have come to expect.

Our reputation was originally built upon high quality foam closure products. Roof closure strips are sections made of foam or other flexible material that are used to seal the spaces left along the edges of a roof by corrugated metal roofing. These strips seal out animals, birds and insects. They also stop wind, rain and other weather-related problems.

Ventilation is a critical part of a metal roofing system. It provides cooling air flow, which is vital to meet building codes, reduce utility costs and minimize long-term building damage caused by improper ventilation (such as moisture forming on the underside of the roof). Marco ventilation solutions are made of an exclusive non-wicking, recycled polyester material that prevents moisture absorption and holds together to keep out dust, insects and pests. Marco solutions ventilate better than traditional fans, turbines, and other inferior ventilation products that are made with polyurethane. Polyurethane products expand as they soak up water and contract as they dry out. This constant flux causes them to crack and lose their ability to perform effectively.

Much of a metal roof’s protective capabilities come from a quality underlayment. This is the layer of material that goes underneath the metal panels. Underlayment provides protection from water and moisture, ice, high temperature and vapors. Marco’s HydraShell™ line of underlayment is among the best in the industry.

As you might expect, a roof has many areas that need sealed in order to keep out the elements. Sealant is used during installation to seal out water, dirt, wind and other substances that can get into small spaces, making the roof as weather-tight as possible. Flashing solutions like our RoofBoots™ seal securely around pipes that extend from the roof.

Though easy to overlook, fasteners are also a key element in a metal roof system. These screws and clips are used to attach the metal roof to the roof deck during installation. There are several different types of fasteners available for various applications and materials. Overall, the strength and performance of your fasteners can mean the difference between an aesthetically pleasing or rust-streaked roof … or worse, a roof set solidly in place versus one that flies away in heavy wind.

As you can see, there are many important pieces that go into a quality metal roof. While we don’t offer the metal itself, Marco delivers on everything else. With the most tested and certified products on the market, you can trust our solutions to perform in even the harshest conditions, protecting your metal roof and everything underneath.