Flashing FAQs

Roofboots Roof Flashing System

Why would I use RoofBoots?
Versatility, for one. RoofBoots are a roof flashing system designed to form a seal on all types of roofing surfaces (metal, tile, plastic and more), and on most any panel configuration and pitch.

Are RoofBoots easy to install?
Absolutely. Choose the pipe opening and trim the sleeve, slide the boot over the pipe, form to the roof profile, apply sealant and fasten.

Are RoofBoots available in various sizes and colors?
This roof flashing system comes in both round and square bases, wraparound retrofit boots and many sizes in black, gray and other colors.

How long can I expect RoofBoots to last?
Like other Marco products, the RoofBoot roof flashing system is long lasting. Depending upon the product, our RoofBoots are warrantied for 20 to 35 years.