bad weather
Turn Bad Weather Into A Good Sales Opportunity.

Educate Customers About Snow and Ice.

In our last post, we talked about the durability of metal roofing in disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and fire. But what about winter weather events like snow and ice? It doesn’t have to be a “natural disaster” for snow and ice to have disastrous results for traditional roofing materials. Fortunately, metal roofs fare better here as well, and you can promote that fact to your customers.

The typical homeowner spends anywhere from 1% to 4% of their home’s value on maintenance and repairs every year. In many parts of the country, ice storms and heavy snowfall can claim that budget for roof repairs. If you install metal roofing, this is a great opportunity for you to boost sales and help your customers improve their homes and other buildings with a roofing material that will better protect their investment. Consider posting questions like this on your social media, in your advertising, on flyers you distribute, or an email campaign:

Q: Can snow and ice damage my roof?

A: Winter precipitation can cause tremendous damage to traditional roofs. Metal roofs, however, are designed to shed snow and ice, causing them to literally slide right off your roof. With a metal roof, you won’t have to worry about ice dams, which can cause extensive water damage both inside and outside your home. You also don’t need to worry about ice and snow harming your roof or gutters since the roof itself is so durable.

Q: How can I stop snow and ice from sliding off my roof and damaging things below?

A: Metal roofs are designed so snow and ice slide off, eliminating ice dams and other damaging effects winter weather has on traditional roofs. In order to keep all that from sliding off on plants and cars and people below, your roofing professional can equip your metal roof with snow guards or heating cables to eliminate the risk of sliding ice and snow.

Q: Can you replace a roof in the middle of winter?

A: Yes! Wintertime metal roof installations are common as a heavy snowfall can be the last straw for other types of roofs. It can be difficult to install other types of roofing materials in winter, but metal roofs are much more winter-friendly. If you find you need a new roof this winter, metal is definitely your best option!

In addition to promoting metal roofs in general with information like that above (feel free to copy and paste!), you might also consider targeting existing metal roofs in your area that do not have guards like Marco’s YetiGuard™ Polycarbonate Snow Guard.

YetiGuard removes the movement of snow and ice for safer roof loads and walkways down below. It uses the highest-quality polycarbonate for optimal strength and reinforced struts for additional holding power. As a result, YetiGuards are warranted for life (when installed according to manufacturer’s recommended layout).

Made in the USA, YetiGuards are UV-resistant and fit most roof panels without rib straddling. In fact, the 1.5” base fits 95%+ of all roof panels. In addition, YetiGuard’s low-profile, 3″ x 5″ design with clear material is virtually invisible, making them not only the practical, low-cost solution, but the aesthetically pleasing solution, too.

You can learn more about YetiGuards here, plus find a handy online spacing calculator to help with installation.

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