Metal-To-Metal Fasteners
QuikDrill™ fasteners deliver superior Marco value. They feature a higher crown for a tighter socket fit, a cupped head and HWH for improved pullover strength, an EPDM washer for a tight and sealed fit, plus a drill design that provides quick penetration and prevents point walking. In addition, our durable 1 mil mechanical or 8 micron electroplating delivers exceptional lubricity, wear resistance and excellent durability.

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Marco Industries QuikDrill Roofing Screws

QuikDrill Metal2Metal HD (Heavy Duty) self-drilling fasteners are designed for drilling .250 to .500 steel thickness in heavy gauge applications. Assembled with optional galvanized, bonded EPDM washers, they are ideal for applications including securing metal decks to structural steel, awnings, canopies, bar joists, and retrofit clips. To penetrate steel thickness up to .5”, use fastener lengths over 1-1/4″. To drill up to .25″, choose 12-24 x 7/8″.

SizeHeadDrill PointCarton QtyWeight/M
*12 - 24 x 7/8"5/16" HWH#4250012.0
12 - 24 x 1-1/4"5/16" HWH#5250012.6
12 - 24 x 1-1/2"5/16" HWH#5200016.2
12 - 24 x 2"5/16" HWH#5150022.1
*1/4 - 20 x 3"5/16" HWH#5100029.5
*1/4 - 20 x 4"5/16" HWH#550036.0
*1/4 - 20 x 5"5/16" HWH#550043.6
*1/4 - 20 x 6"5/16" HWH#550051.9

*Note non standard inventory, available upon request.

DiameterDrill PointMajor DiameterMinor DiameterWasher Face DIAHead AcrossNominal TensileMinimum TorsionalNominal Shear
#12 - 24#4, #5.215 / .209.164 REF.432 / .398.311 / .3053729 LBS150 IN-LBS2542 LBS
1/4* - 20#5.215 / .209.192 REF.520 / .480.375 / .3674442 LBS205 IN-LBS3367 LBS
Pull Out Strength (LBS ULT)
DesignationHRS Primed Only
NOM. GAUGE14123/161/4
#12 - 24 HD695126423473816
Pull Over Strength (LBS ULT)
DesignationAZ55 Galvalume
NOM. GAUGE262422
#12 - 24 HD75511641304
Washer Sizes
Drilling Capacity
#4.125 - .250
#5.125 - .500

Installation Question?

Installation Tip

Always choose the appropriate fastener for the thickness and type of material to be drilled for any given application. To ensure optimum fastening performance, a 1900 to 2500 RPM screw gun rated 6 amps or more and fitted with a properly adjusted depth-locating nosepiece should be used. Sufficient pressure must be applied while screw gun is perpendicular to the working area. Overdriving fasteners can lead to leaks and other problems.

A lobe socket grips the fastener on 2 sides to prevent paint chipping which leads to rust. The nosepiece of the drill needs to be set to the correct height for proper washer installation.
Correct: Drive fastener level to metal surface.
Incorrect: Fastener not level with metal surface.