Metal-To-Wood Fasteners

Your roofing materials are only as good as the fasteners that keep them in place. Don’t skimp, go with the brand you trust for all your metal roofing needs: Marco. Our full line of QuikGrip™ fasteners are designed to deliver superior performance for all your metal-to-wood applications.

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Marco Industries QuikGrip Roofing Screws

Our Metal2Wood fastener is designed to attach steel roofing and siding used in post-frame and residential metal roofing applications. A high-hex washer head provides driving stability, threads deliver superior holding strength, and the Type 17 point makes installation quick. High-quality mechanical zinc plating provides extended corrosion resistance while a bonded seal washer creates a truly Weather-Tite seal – even when driven at an angle.

SizeHeadCarton QtyWeight/M
10 x 1"1/4" HWH25008.250
10 x 1-1/2"1/4" HWH250010.321
10 x 2"1/4" HWH200012.495
10 x 2-1/2"1/4" HWH150015.068
10 x 3"1/4" HWH100016.867
12 x 3/4" STITCH1/4" HWH250010.587
12 x 1"1/4" HWH250010.5
12 x 1 1/2"1/4" HWH250013.9
12 x 2"1/4" HWH200016.5
12 x 2 1/2"1/4" HWH150020.6
12 x 3"1/4" HWH100024.7

All fasteners listed are available in the U.S.
Also available in Canada

Pull Out Strength (LBS ULT)
Point DiameterMajor DiameterMinor DiameterHead Across FlatNominal TensileMinimum TorsionalNominal Shear
#10 25º TYPE 17.191 / .199.127 / .133.246 / .2512440 LBS.60 IN-LBS.1575 LBS.
#12 25º TYPE 17.220 / .230.152 / .159.246 / .2513561 LBS.95 IN-LBS.2503 LBS.
Pull Over Strength (LBS ULT)
DesignationAZ55 Galvalume
Nom. Gauge292624
#10 X .472379630723
Washer Sizes
#10 HiLo