Roofboot Standard

Standard RoofBoot

Square Flexible Sleeve

Standard 20-year warranty, 35-year warranty available.

  • Easy, on-site customization for superior fit
  • Sleeve flexibility absorbs vibration and pipe movement caused by expansion/contraction
  • Maximum resistance to ozone weathering
  • 20-year standard warranty, available 35-year warranty available on Black EPDM
  • The first ICC-listed flashing for the metal building industry with a 35-year warranty (available on black EPDM only)
  • Available in Black or Grey EPDM, Red or Grey Silicon, or Colors upon request

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Standard RoofBoot


Marco delivers everything you need to seal pipes securely, including a huge variety of Master Flash® RoofBoots™ (the only boots to qualify under the “Buy American Act,” are listed with CSA, UPC and use only virgin EPDM with no regrind for the best performance in all weather conditions).

Our Standard RoofBoots come with a flexible square base that is designed to form a seal on all types of roofing surfaces (including metal, plastic, tile, and more), and on almost any panel configuration and roof pitch, regardless of the pipe location. The clearly marked sleeve can be cut on-site to easily customize and precisely fit the pipe diameter you need. The sleeves come in EPDM and Silicone—designed for the maximum resistance to weathering due to ozone and ultraviolet light. Our Standard RoofBoots are available in black or grey EPDM, red or grey silicone, or a number of custom colors upon request.

Product FAQs


Ozone Resistance: 70 hrs @ 500pphm (EPDM and red silicone)
High Temp. Resistance:
Intermittent: +135° C/+275° F (EPDM), +260° C/+500° F (red silicone)
Continuous: +100° C/+212° F (EPDM), +225° C/+437° F (red silicone)
Low Temp. Resistance: -55° C/-67° F (EPDM), -74° C/-101° F (red silicone)
Compression Set: 25% (EPDM), 50% (red silicone)

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Easy, One Person Installation

Installing Marco RoofBoots is quick and easy. And customizing the fit is simple. Just follow the steps below.

Marco Industries Roofboot Step 1

Step 1

Choose the pipe opening and trim the sleeve.
Marco Industries Roofboot Step 2

Step 2

Apply Marco’s Weather-Tite Metal Roof Sealant, slide the boot over the pipe and form to the roof profile.
Marco Industries Roofboot Step 3

Step 3

Fasten to the roof with Marco QuikGrip or QuikDrill fasteners to complete the installation.