Closure Foam

Complete foam closure line gives you your best options when ventilation isn't an issue for your project. All are economically priced and hydraulically die-cut, so you get the precise fit and foam you need. And all scrap foam from the die-cuts are removed so you have less site cleanup. There are five different foams, different colors, profiles for every application, plus easy ordering, easy installation, economy, and plenty of adhesive



Beveled closures create a superior seal between metal roof panels that stops damaging water from getting in and around the roof's hips and valleys. AngleKut can be cut and made at any angle, it will fit any profile and seal out wind, water, birds, and noise. The dynamic design of these beveled closures makes it an easy replacement for materials like polyurethane strips or caulking. So it's ideal in the construction of barns, warehouses, house roofs, and other metal roof structures.