Marco’s Weather-Tite Metal Roof Sealant

Marco’s Weather-Tite Metal Roof Sealant

Eco-Friendly MS Polymer Sealant

Stands up to the elements better than all other sealant technologies.

  • Waterproof seal against water, wind, dust, dirt or other filtrations
  • Adheres to almost any common building substrate or material
  • 30+ standard colors
  • Tack-free in 1 hour
  • Paintable (excluding translucent)
  • Chemically curing <1% VOC
  • Made in the USA

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Marco’s Weather-Tite Metal Roof Sealant


Marco’s Weather-Tite™ Metal Roof Sealant is specifically formulated to outperform other sealant technologies, including silicones, tri-polymers, and polyurethanes. In fact, recent tests against competitive products showed it to have minimal shrinkage compared to solvent-based products, high tensile strength, faster skin cure times, less dirt pickup, and low to no odor. Tests also revealed no cracking, splitting, yellowing, or adhesion failures. That’s because the paintable, UV-resistant MS-Polymer formula will expand and contract with the change of weather and temperature, extruding in extreme weather conditions (down to 0º F). This no-crack performance makes it the ideal choice for exterior applications and damp surfaces. Available in a variety of colors to match today’s popular metal roof and siding colors, it provides exceptional adhesion to Kynar and Hylar 5000, Galvalume, coated and uncoated metal surfaces, plastics, glass, PVC, masonry, stucco, wall panels, vinyl, wood, brass and other common building substrates.


Water Clean-Up: Yes
Non-Toxic: Yes
Non-Flammable: Yes
VOC-Compliant: <1% VOC
Cold Weather Extrusion: 0° F
Waterproof: Yes
Tensile Strength: 225 psi
Conforms to ASTM C920: Yes
Tack-Free: In 1 Hour @ 77° F/50% RH
Gap Filling: 1”
Service Temperature: -75° to 300° F for short periods of time
UV Rating: Conforms to ASTM G26
Elongation: 275%
Cartridge: Plastic – 10.1 oz.
Warranty: Limited
Hazardous Ingredients: None

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Easy, One Person Installation

Marco’s Weather-Tite Metal Roof Sealant comes in a variety of colors and goes on easily. If touch-ups are necessary, it may be painted (excluding translucent) with a water-based paint anytime after one hour of application.

Marco Industries Metal Roof Sealant Step1

Step 1:

Make sure the surface is completely free of oil, grease, foreign material, contaminants, water repellents, form oils and laitance.

Step 2:

Remove tube, locate separate applicator tip, cutoff dispenser end. Tool sealant in one continuous stroke.

Step 3:

Dry-wipe excess sealant from surfaces while still uncured. Excess sealant smears may be removed with a VOC friendly solvent or cleaner.