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LP2 Ridge Vent

Our premier custom-cut vent strip includes Python™ polyester vent material inserts for a snug fit and optimum ventilation at a cost lower than traditional fans and louvers. Made with recycled materials, it features a 40-year limited warranty and our proprietary adhesive for a superior hold. Our patented LP2 offers superior net-free ventilation that reduces condensation and helps lower utility costs.

Made With Recycled Material
40 Year Warranty
LP2 Ridge Vent

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Our patented LP2 Ridge Vent is made from non-fabric-covered Python vent material. This durable, modified polyester is a non-woven, non-wicking, fiber-based matting. Its specially cut contours provide a custom, low-profile fit for any pitch and most major metal roof profiles. LP2 provides a superior net-free ventilation area that helps keep out moisture, pests and dust. Plus, LP2 can be installed by just one person in three easy steps. In fact, the screw bed and industrial strength peel-and-stick adhesive pre-applied to LP2 makes this one of the easiest installations imaginable.

Net-Free Area: Varies with profile based on 17 square inches per linear foot of ventilation material
Dimensions: Varies with profile
Air Permeability: >760 cubic feet per minute
Cold Cracking: -25ºF
Tear & Tensile Strength: Machine 25 ppi / Counter 25 ppi
Compressive Strength: 1.8 psi at 75%
Rain: No Leakage

Closure Material
Nominal Density-Skin/Skin (BS ISO 7214 1998): 24 kg/m3
Compression Stress-Strain (BS ISO 7214 1998)
10% compression: 34 kPa
25% compression: 53 kPa
40% compression: 85 kPa
50% compression: 118 kPa
Shore Hardness 00 Scale, 10 mm cell/cell thickness (ISO 868 1985): 50 00
Thermal Conductivity — Mean Temp of 10° C (ISO 8302 1991): 0.0392 W/m.K
Flammability — Automotive (FMVSS.302-Burn Rate): Pass 12 mm & thicker <100mm/min
Flammability — Horizontal Burn Rate (ISO 7214 1998): 5 mm thick, 2.1 mm/sec and 13 mm thick, 1.5 mm/sec

Python Material
Net-Free Area: Varies with profile based on 17 square inches per linear foot of ventilation material
Dimensions: Varies with profile
Cold Cracking: -25ºF
Compressive Strength: 1.8 psi at 75%
Rain: No Leakage
Air Permeability: (ASTM D737) 760 cubic feet per minute
Tear & Tensile Strength: (Tear: ASTM D1294·86, Tensile: ASTM D2261·83) Machine 25 ppi / Counter 25 ppi
Self-Ignition Temperature: (ASTM D1929) 963° F

How To Install

LP2 comes 75 feet to a box, in twenty-five 3-foot sections. With LP2’s double bead of industrial strength adhesive, one person can simply remove the peel-and-stick strips to apply LP2 to the metal roof, then secure the ridge cap over the LP2 with fasteners or nails. It’s that easy!

Step 1

Allow a 2" slot at the ridge of the metal roof for ventilation. Apply the LP2 Ridge Vent to metal roof by removing the backing paper.

Step 2

Align the LP2 Ridge Vent 1/2"-1" up-slope from the edge of the ridge cap. Place onto metal roof with adhesive side down. Note that the adhesive is strong and once put in place it will be hard to move. Be sure the LP2 Ridge Vent is in place the first time.

Step 3

When attaching consecutive LP2 Vents, butt fit the pieces together. Marco’s Weather-Tite™ Metal Roof Sealant can be used to seal the butt joint. Place ridge cap over LP2. Secure in place with Marco QuickGrip™/QuickDrill™ fasteners; fasten through the metal roof ridge locations utilizing the screw bed locations to avoid penetrating the LP2 insert material utilizing the screw bed locations.

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