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Choosing The Right Fastener

Fasteners are such a small part of roofing that their importance can easily be overlooked. But selecting the right fastener for your project is vital. Without the proper fasteners, your panel system can fail. 

Here’s a quick overview to help you select which Marco fastener is right for your project:

Attaching Metal to Metal.

QuikDrill™ Metal2Metal fasteners are ideal for light- to medium-gauge metal-to-metal building applications and feature drill points designed to penetrate a wide variety of metal thicknesses

QuikDrill Metal2Metal HD fasteners are the heavy-duty, self-drilling option designed for drilling .250 to .500 steel thickness in heavy-gauge applications.

ZAC Metal2Metal fasteners are ideal for metal-to-metal applications in highly corrosive environments, such as coastal regions and animal confinements.

Attaching Metal to Wood.

QuikGrip™ Ultra Pro 20 Metal2Wood fasteners are designed to attach steel roofing and siding used in post-frame and residential metal roofing applications.

QuikGrip Ultra Pro 20 Metal2Wood HD fasteners are for the same applications as our Ultra Pro 20 Metal2Wood fasteners but when a more heavy-duty option is required.

QuikGrip Metal2Wood XD fasteners are ideal for wood and light-gauge metal with a pre-drilled hole.

QuikGrip LoPro fasteners provide a quality, low-profile appearance on sidewall and roofing applications installed into wood substrates.

QuikGrip 300ss stainless steel fasteners are an excellent choice for use in aluminum liner panel applications and can also function well for animal confinement structures.

ZAC Metal2Wood fasteners are ideal for highly corrosive environments, such as coastal regions and animal confinements

P2M fasteners are ideal for plywood-to-metal applications where either a #3 or #4 point is required for a clean cut.

Attaching Roof Panels and Clips.

QuikDrill Metal2Metal ClipScrews™ are designed to attach standing-seam roof clips to steel purlins or frames. 

QuikGrip Metal2Wood ClipScrews are the ideal choice to attach standing-seam roof clips to plywood, OSB or wood purlins.

QuikGrip UltraLo Metal2Wood ClipScrews are the low-profile choice for securing slotted, snap-lock roof panels to plywood, OSB or wood purlins. 

M-Clips™ stay hidden with no visible fasteners to hold standing-seam roof panels together