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Value Through The Roof

Value drives everything we do. That’s why we’ve delivered industry-leading customer service and award-winning products to the metal building and metal roofing industry for a quarter century. Today, those products make up the Marco Weather-Tite™ System—a comprehensive line of products offering easy installation, remarkable building ventilation, lower utility costs, extreme durability, and outstanding warranties. In short, quality metal roofing products that are economically and ecologically smart. That’s why customers trust Marco products to deliver the industry standard in performance and reliability, time after time, through all kinds of weather.

Marco’s reputation was originally built upon high quality foam closure products.

We continue to build upon that reputation with cutting-edge products like LP2, a superior low-profile ridge vent designed especially for metal roofs, our new Flex-Pro venting material, and Flex-O-Vent, the flexible foam ridge vent material for all roof types. Because Marco manufacturers these products, our customers receive consistent, reliable workmanship combined with the remarkable performance of our exclusive non-wicking, recycled polyester material—material that keeps out dust, insects and pests, while ventilating better than traditional fans, turbines, and louvers.

Through the years, Marco has created a tradition of providing innovative products … products customers have come to rely on to better their processes and to build higher quality buildings, such as easy-to-use, reliable adhesive tapes and the top-performing Marco Metal Roof Sealant. Other quality Marco products include low and ultra-low profile, extra gripping clip screws; pipe flashings, and roofing underlayment in both synthetic and peel and stick options. And, of course, there’s Marco’s variety of quality ventilation products offering durability and energy efficiency.

At Marco, we remain committed to delivering value through the roof by pairing unprecedented service with innovative, quality products. With our Tulsa-based headquarters and central manufacturing plant, five distribution facilities in North America, and Regional Sales Team, Marco continues to be the company builders and manufacturers choose for metal roofing, Weather-Tite System solutions time after time.

A Message From Our President

For more than 25 years, Marco Industries has demonstrated a value-based commitment to customers, from the products we offer to the service we provide. Put simply, it drives everything we do.

We take seriously our brand promise to customers, which is, value through the roof. By focusing on value-added solutions and services, we’ve been able to grow the breadth of our product offering to an industry-leading level.

Our product catalog centers on the Marco Weather-Tite System, a comprehensive line of quality products offering easy installation, remarkable building ventilation resulting in lower energy costs, and outstanding warranties. From superior material characteristics to overall product quality, convenient installation and packaging, the Weather-Tite System focuses on the business solutions our customers’ seek.

Our dedication to customer service and product excellence has resulted in Marco being awarded Rural Builders Gold Key awards year-after-year, plus multiple Top 10 Product Awards. And while awards are nice, the best reward is knowing we’re a trusted partner and resource for our customers.

At Marco, we value your business. Thank you for joining us on our continuous journey to develop and deliver value-added products and services for the metal roofing industry.


Blake Atkins

Key Personnel

Blake Atkins: CEO / President

Ben Oskarsson: Director of Strategic Business and Product Development

Neil Westgarth: Director of Sales and Marketing

David Piersol: Director of Operations

Jill Porter: Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services