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HydraShell™ MAX

Manufactured from 100% synthetic materials, HydraShell MAX has a four-layer construction making it 25 times stronger than #15 felt and 12 times stronger than #30 felt. HydraShell MAX has a Class A fire rating and a 90-day UV exposure rating. It won’t wrinkle or absorb water and it stays flexible in cold weather.

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HydraShell MAX requires significantly fewer fasteners than the competition, and provides a tough, durable deck cover. Less weight per roll and a non-woven walking surface makes for a simple and easy installation. Backed by a 30-year limited warranty, HydraShell MAX is designed for use under all types of roofing materials including asphalt shingles, synthetic shingles, cedar shakes and metal.

Warranty: 30 Year

Roll Dimensions: 40” x 300’
Permeability: 0.1 perms
Water Transmission: Pass
Tear Strength: 33 lbs MD/24 lbs CD
Tensile Strength: 95 lbs MD/85 lbs CD
Burst Strength: 160 psi
Elongation: 20%
Weight Per Square: 1.96 lbs
Nominal Thickness: 6.2 mils
Temp. Range (Internal): -70°F to 240°F

How To Install

HyrdraShell MAX is lighter than felt so its easier to handle. It offers more coverage per roll, and is pre-printed with a nailing pattern for easier installation.
Step 1
Lay out horizontally on the eave, printed side up, with 3” horizontal laps and 6” vertical laps.
Step 2

Fasten with 1” diameter plastic cap roofing nails or staples according to pre-printed nail pattern.

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