Marco Industries M-Clips


Roof Panel Clip System
Hidden clips to fasten standing seam roof panels together.

  • Hidden appearance, no visible fasteners
  • Fixed Mechanical Seam clips or SnapLock design available
  • Easy to install
  • Available in heavy-duty steel, 18 to 26 gauge, completely free of burrs to prevent rust and other corrosion problems
  • Works with Marco ClipScrews for metal-to-metal and metal-to-wood applications
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  • Englert
  • Metal Forming
  • New Tech Machinery
  • Roll Former Group
  • Zimmerman

Mechanical Seam

  • Englert
  • ESE
  • Knudson
  • Metal Forming
  • New Tech Machinery
  • Roll Former Group
  • Zimmerman


Polycarbonate Snow Guard
Eliminate the movement of snow and ice.

  • Highest quality polycarbonate provides optimal strength
  • Reinforced struts for additional holding power
  • Low-profile design and clear material for unobtrusive look
  • 1.5” base fits 95%+ of roof panels
  • UV resistant
  • Lifetime warranty1 (use the spacing calculator to determine manufacturer’s recommended layout.)

1 When installed according to manufacturer’s recommended layout.

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Dimensions: 3”x5” with 1.5” base
Capacity when mechanically fastened with #14 QG: 3,400+ lbs
Capacity when attached with SB-190 Adhesive): 1,300+ lbs
Material: UV stable, Lexan® polycarbonate
Color: Clear
Warranty: Lifetime (when installed according to manufacturer’s recommended layout)

Marco RE2


Polyethylene Foam Spacer System

Remove the re-roofing danger, expense and hassle of wood firring.

  • Eliminates tear-off
  • Provides air flow and ventilation
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Won’t warp like wood firring
  • Cost comparable to wood, increases profitability
  • Won’t decay, corrode or crease metal
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Compressive Strength-Vertical Direction (ASTM D3575-00): 3.8 psi
Compression Set (ASTM D3575-00): < 30 %
Tensile Strength (ASTM D3575-00, Suffix T (md/cmd)): 58, 30 psi
Elongation (ASTM D3575-00, Suffix T (md/cmd)): 86%/60%
Tear Resistance (ASTM D3575-00, Suffix G (md/cmd)): 11, 17 lb/in
Density Range (ASTM D3575-00): 1.5–1.9 lb/ft2
Water Absorption (ASTM D3575-00, Suffix L): < 0.1 lb/ft2
Thermal Stability (ASTM D3575-00, Suffix S): < 5%
Contact Corrosivity, Alum. Plate (Method 3005 FED STD. 101): None
Static Decay, Anti-Static Grade (EIA STD. 541 Appendix F): < 2 sec.
Surface Resistivity, Anti-Static Grade (EIA STD. 541, Section 4.3):
1.0 x 10^9 –1.0 x 10^12
Thermal Conductivity K-Value (ASTM C518-91): 0.35–0.42 BTU-IN/HR-FT2-°F
Thermal Resistance R-Value (ASTM C518-91): 1.30–1.60 HR-FT2-°F / BTU