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Lab Testing and Certification

Before You Put Them On Your Roof, We Put Them To The Test.

Our products are exposed to the worst treatment and conditions you can imagine—all to prove they’ll live up to the Marco quality standard on your roof. With the most tested and certified products on the market, you can trust Marco to provide Weather-Tite solutions that outperform the elements.

Tested Tough

We invest heavily in testing to ensure our metal roofing products are safe, reliable and consistently high quality. Our ongoing partnership with one of the nation’s leading materials and product qualification testing labs augments Marco’s own internal quality control measures and performance testing. Accredited by A2LA/ISO 17025 and others, the lab tests Marco against competitive products to validate performance, durability, quality and additional important measures. This data is not only used by our engineers in product development, it provides third-party confirmation of our products’ superior performance. Which is why Marco products always come with a little something extra: peace of mind.

Certified Superior

In addition to stringent testing, which ensures our high quality and performance standards are met, we submit a variety of products for various third-party certifications and code approvals. Examples include:

Python: Our 11 ¾” Python material has undergone the testing requirements to become a Miami-Dade certified product. These tests include a Wind Driven Rain test, TAS100 (A), in which Python passed with no leakage. The following small-scale fire tests were conducted on Python and met requirements for a Dade-approved product: ASTM D 2843 Smoke Density, ASTM D 1929 Self Ignition Temperature and ASTM D 635 Rate of Burn. Python Ridge Vent is also in the process of becoming an ICC (International Code Council) certified product. ICC requires that products undergo the same tests for product certification as Dade but are also reviewed by codes of BOCA (Building Department Operations Audit), ICBO (International Conference of Building Officials) and SBCCI (Southern Building Code Congress International).

Flex-O-Vent: Our original Flex-O-Vent ventilation product has passed several tests including: ASTM D 1929 Self Ignition Temperature and ASTM D 737 Air Permeability.

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