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Closure-Foam™ Custom Fit Closure Foam

Available in more than 450 standard profiles as well as easy-to-order custom sizes, Closure-Foam delivers 40+ years of UV-resistant, Weather-Tite™ performance. Closure-Foam is available in a variety of thicknesses and offers profiles for every application along with better UV resistance and longevity than competitive products.


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Closure-Foam™ is economically priced without sacrificing quality. Our crosslink polyethylene foam has a unique coating that gives it better UV resistance and better durability than the industry standard. Independent testing confirms Marco’s 1.5 density foam provides better UV stability than competitive products with a 2.0 density.

Designed to stay put, Marco’s M63 industrial adhesive eliminates installation blow-away problems. The generous 1/4” adhesive bead can be applied to either the flat or the ribbed side of Closure-Foam, and it even adheres in subfreezing temperatures and on wet surfaces.

Closure-Foam is most commonly used without dovetails but is also available with interlocking dovetails (with or without adhesive) to eliminate gaps and ensure a snug end-to-end fit. They ship pre-scrapped leaving you with less job site cleanup.

Nominal Density-Skin/Skin (BS ISO 7214 1998): 24 kg/m3
Cell Size, Typical Diameter: 0.3 mm
Compression Stress-Strain (BS ISO 7214 1998)
10% compression: 34 kPa
25% compression: 53 kPa
40% compression: 85 kPa
50% compression: 118 kPa
Compression Set: 25% comp, 22hr, 23°C
1/2 hr recovery (25 mm cell-cell): 27% set
24 hr recovery (25 mm cell-cell): 19% set
Tensile Strength (ISO 7214 1998): 320 kPa
Tensile Elongation: 130%
Tear Strength (BS EN ISO 8067 1995: 495 N/m
Shore Hardness 00 Scale, 10 mm cell/cell thickness (ISO 868 1985): 50 00
Recommended Operating Temp. Range: +100°C/-70°C
Thermal Conductivity – Mean Temp of 10° C (ISO 8302 1991): 0.0392 W/m.K
Flammability – Automotive (FMVSS.302-Burn Rate): Pass 12 mm & thicker <100mm/min
Flammability – Horizontal Burn Rate (ISO 7214 1998): 5 mm thick, 2.1 mm/sec and 13 mm thick, 1.5 mm/sec
Durometer (50): Shore 00
Water: 5% lbs/ft3 Specs shown are LD24 value.

How To Install

Closure-Foam offers easy, one-person installation in just three steps.

Step 1

Ensure the self-adhesive closure configuration fits the roof panel used.

Step 2
The inside closure fits the underside of the panel.
Step 3

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