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Seals Out Extreme Weather. And Any Doubts.

Sealants are vital to the energy efficiency and integrity of your building. So don’t skimp. Insist on Marco-quality for proven performance you can count on, year after year.

Mastix™ Butyl Tape

This versatile, trimmable end lap sealing tape joins metal to metal, and seals around windows, doors, roof vents, stacks, access doors and other penetration points.

X-Seal™ Expandable Foam Tape

X-Seal expands to fill any shaped gap in the construction of metal buildings, doors and windows, concrete, wood and more. It is adaptable to most roof panels, including hips and valleys.

Marco’s Weather-Tite™ Metal Roof Sealant

Formulated to outperform other sealant technologies, including silicones, tri-polymers and polyurethanes, it provides a waterproof seal against water, wind, dust, dirt or other filtrations.


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