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Valley Cap

The Valley Cap is made of EPDM rubber, has UV inhibitors, and comes with a 20 year weather resistant warranty. The Valley Cap is easy to install, safer to use, comes in two different sizes, and eliminates the need to force the ridge line under the primary panel. Best of all it makes for a more esthetically pleasing leak-proof roof.

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Valleys, Chimneys and pitch breaks all require special attention in the construction of metal roofs…but valleys are the most time-consuming and difficult areas to make esthetically pleasing to customers. In addition, 90% of all roof leaks start where roof valleys come together at the top of secondary and primary roof intersections. Now there’s a better way to handle all of these issues. Introducing THE VALLEY CAP…an innovative component designed specifically for the metal roof industry

Advanced Ozone Resistance tested to – EPDM 70 hours @500 pphm

High Temperature Resistance test: 
Intermittent – +135° C (+275°F)
Continuous – +100°C (+212°F)

Low Temperature Resistance: -55°C (-67°F)

Compression Set Maximum – 25%

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