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Buy American and New COVID Guidelines

Buy American and New COVID Guidelines

Will A New Administration Impact Your Business?

We’ve gone through the mudslinging of a highly contested election, now we’re learning what the new administration wants to do. Whether your candidate won or not, there are things happening that you might want to know about.

Buy American.

President Joe Biden recently signed an executive order aimed at increasing government purchases of American-made products, a move that could affect construction firms that do business with the federal government. The new policies include beefing up government procurement rules to make it harder for federal agencies to purchase imported products, updating what constitutes an American-made product and raising local-content requirements.

If you do business with the feds (and even if you don’t), now would be a good time to look at your own suppliers and materials. With “Buy American” getting more airtime, it will likely be top-of-mind with your customers. So look for quality made-in-the-USA products like those from Marco. They source all the materials they can domestically and many of Marco’s products are made in-house in their Tulsa, Oklahoma, manufacturing plant. That’s how Marco can deliver industry-leading roofing ventilation and accessories for metal roofs. With their American-Made credentials, proven performance, and peace-of-mind warranties, your customers will appreciate your eye for quality.

COVID Guidelines.

Another executive order the new president has signed directs OSHA to consider a national emergency temporary standard for COVID-19 in the workplace. This would finally provide contractors with a national playbook for fighting COVID-19 on jobsites, while standardizing the reporting and tracking of people exposed to the virus at work.

A national ETS, mandatory and enforceable by OSHA, would give contractors a single checklist for COVID-19 compliance instead of the patchwork of state, local and federal rules that are in place now.

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