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Contact-Free Roofing.

Contact-Free Roofing.

Addressing COVID Concerns With Customers.

At Marco, we’ve had to make adjustments in how we do business this past year. The pandemic forced changes on all of us. The same is true with roofers installing our products. Gone are the days of sitting around a table with a prospective customer, discussing your quote to re-roof their home or business. At least for now. With rumors of lockdowns circulating and the virus still spreading at record rates, you must adapt to survive. Much like the restaurant industry has had to pivot from inside dining to drive-through and curbside pick-up, roofers can increase their chances of success by transitioning to a contact-free method of quoting and working.>

It’s not as hard as it may sound. Use the tools at your disposal. Almost everyone has a smart phone these days. And the camera on those phones are pretty phenomenal, giving you the capability to photograph—or even better, to video—wherever you like. So consider this: when a prospective customer calls or contacts you via your website, set up a time to conduct a “non-contact inspection” of their roof.

Here’s how it works. On the date and at the time you agreed upon, do your inspection of the homeowner’s roof. Don’t ring the doorbell and don’t interact with the homeowner. Simply show up and get to work. However, don’t rely solely upon your notes and sketches. Video your inspection with your smartphone.

Back at the office, you can easily edit your video with one of the many user-friendly apps available for both iPhone and Android. You can trim scenes, add text and more. You can get as fancy or stay as basic as you like. The idea, however, is to let your prospective customer see what you saw up on their roof.

Presenting this information—your estimate—can be as easy as an email. Send them your quote and a video backing it up. You could even schedule a follow-up phone call to go over the video and estimate with them. For a more personal touch, consider a videoconference with the homeowner. There are many services out there. Zoom is a popular choice. It’s easy to use and has a free service option as well (though it limits your time). This way, you can see the homeowner and establish a more personal connection.

Work can be done without contact as well. Just communicate with the homeowner clearly when you will be doing the work. Billing can be handled with no contact at all.

These are easy changes that could make a big difference in your business. But remember, nobody will know about your new, safe, contact-free quoting and work procedures unless you tell them. So get the word out on your website, on social, and more.

These are difficult times. But by adapting, you can push through and keep your business on track. We did here at Marco. And we know you can, too!

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