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Going Digital MRA Announces Metal Roofing Measurement & Design Tool

Going Digital MRA Announces Metal Roofing Measurement & Design Tool

Marco customers know what it means to use products that simplify their job. By relying on the Marco Weather Tite™ System, they get solutions that make their job easier and help when selling to prospective customers. Now, Marco has heard of another tool that, if it lives up to its promise, may deliver similar benefits.  

The Metal Roofing Alliance (“MRA”) has announced the launch of the new Metal Roofing Measurement & Design Tool, intended to help contractors produce faster estimates remotely and enable homeowners to make better-educated decisions about installing metal roofing on their homes.  

Developed by Renoworks Software Inc. (“Renoworks”), the new tool sounds ideal for Roofers Coffee Shop readers. MRA’s official press release states:  

Simply by entering a property address, the new solution leverages Renoworks’ FastTrack feature-set and technology to transform pre-existing aerial measurement data and street-view images into interactive 3D models and realistic visualizations of the home. The resulting interactive project can then be designed with thousands of combinations of metal roofing products and colors, with all of the roof measurements needed to prepare an initial project estimate.  

Benefits of the new tool include:        

  • Enabling metal roofers to quickly obtain measurements and make initial estimates remotely, without the need to visit the home;     
  • Allowing homeowners to see the value of a metal roof and make better decisions by designing 3D models and realistic visualizations of their own home; and     
  • Fostering better coordination and connection between homeowners and metal roofing professionals with a shared, online interactive visualization of the project. 

Roofers and homeowners can use the MRA’s Metal Roofing Measurement & Design Tool here:   

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