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Homebuilding Is Booming

Homebuilding Is Booming

Get Out There And Get Your Piece of the Pie

The impact of the pandemic on residential and nonresidential construction has been significant. Significantly bad for some commercial construction and significantly good for residential. Many commercial projects have been delayed, shuttered or canceled completely. Homebuilding, however, has boomed as buyers seek single-family homes in less densely populated areas away from urban centers.

Employment levels in the residential construction sector are back to pre-pandemic levels, but the Associated General Contractors of America says nonresidential construction has only recouped 60% of the jobs lost from February to April of 2020.

That means more residential opportunities for metal roof installers. It also means many commercial contractors have been soaking up excess demand for housing jobs as they pivot away from their bread and butter. Residential is hot right now, and you can take advantage by going straight to homeowners or even partnering with commercial contractors who now need help with their residential roofing.

Either way, it’s a good time to secure work and to bolster your reputation with quality workmanship and only the best metal roofing ventilation and accessories. Using solutions from the Marco Weather-Tite™ System will ensure your customer—whether the homeowner or a company you’re contracting for—is satisfied with their roof’s performance. It also gives you ammo to promote yourself: be proactive in promoting the energy savings, the warranties, and the made-in the-USA quality of the Marco products you use. They could help seal the deal for a metal roof installation or tip the scales in your favor over a competitor. 

As we’ve seen over the past year, things can change quickly. So strike while the market is hot. Get out there and sell!

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