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It’s Roof Damage Season: Tips You Can Share with Potential Customers #1.

It’s Roof Damage Season: Tips You Can Share with Potential Customers #1.

Roofing is a competitive business, especially this time of year when less-than-reputable, out-of-town crews roll in to canvass your community after a big storm. Hopefully, you’ve built a good reputation for your company and can rely on positive referrals to fight against potential job losses from these rogue roofers. We all know they hurt our industry … but it gets especially painful when they hurt your income.

Marco has posted about this topic before, outlining steps you can take to help during these times. But as storm season is upon us again, now’s a good time for some more practical help. So, here is the first of two articles/posts you can share with your customers on your website, email campaigns or social media channels. Simply copy and paste!

Roof Damage? Here’s What To Do!

It’s storm season, and that means the potential for roof damage. Your roof protects your biggest investment, so if it gets damaged, take care of it immediately! Here’s what you should do:

  • Protect from further damage (this may even be a requirement in your homeowner policy, and further damage may not be covered)! Call your insurance company immediately and put up a tarp while you wait on them to get rolling.
  • Speaking of insurance companies, remember that they are a business and they may not always want to pay out roof damage claims. Get a solid estimate from a reputable roofer. You are entitled to fair-trade pricing and a good roofer can help you communicate what repairs are needed.
  • This is a surprise to most people, but according to a recent, you should NOT get multiple estimates. Insurance companies may simply take the lowest one, and that may not be your best quality option.
  • Depending upon the extent of the damage, now may be the time to change roofing material to a more durable option or one that can improve your home’s efficiency and save you on utility bills. You can also check with your insurer for discounts they may offer on certain types of roofing materials.
  • Watch out for scams. Out-of-town “roofers” often show up after a large storm saying they’ve spotted roof damage that you can’t see. Don’t fall for it. Stick with a trusted local professional, check reviews and references, check for licenses, and be wary of anyone asking for large, upfront payments.

If you have any questions at all about what to do when your roof is damaged, give us a call!

Again, feel free to copy and paste the above and add it to your website, send it to your email list, or break it up into several social media posts. This will help keep your name out in the market so you are top-of-mind when they need roof repairs. It will also help position you as a trustworthy leader in your local market.

Look for Marco’s second “Tips You Can Share with Potential Customers” coming soon to Roofers Coffee Shop. And as always, to learn more about Marco’s quality metal roofing products, visit or contact us directly by emailing us here or calling 1-800-800-8590.