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Making The Sale With Color: Tips For Talking With Potential Metal Roof Customers

Making The Sale With Color: Tips For Talking With Potential Metal Roof Customers

Strength and durability. Energy efficiency. Environmentally friendly. All these (and more) are great benefits that may influence your customers considering a metal roof. And while it may sound shallow compared to the list above, the way a metal roof looks could be one of the biggest deciding factors in your customers purchase decision. In fact, that reason alone may be the first thing that caught their eye and caused them to consider a metal roof.

As a roofer, you should know that for customers looking to add a little style to their roofline, color may be the answer. With such a wide variety of colors available, making it easy for your customers to select the right color could go a long way in getting the sale. Be proactive. The Metal Roofing Alliance has a handy online tool you can use to show your customers what a specific type and color of metal roof would like on their house. You can give them the link or, better yet, do it yourself and show your customers several color options on their house. It’s free and easy to use. Try it here

While you are showing the color options to your customer, share with them these things the MRA says they should consider when selecting a color:

1. View It In All Lights
Recognize that colors will look different on cloudy days versus bright sunshine, in the morning and as the evening turns dark.

2. Make Sure Pretty Is Practical
A white metal roof is considered a “cool roof” and can be 50 to 60 degrees cooler than a dark color asphalt shingle roof. Choose a lighter shade if you live in a sunny, hot climate region for maximum energy efficiency.

3. Consider Your Surroundings
Paint colors tend to change, but metal roofs will last for more than a half-century. The best bet is to ensure the color you choose fits with the style of your home and neighborhood.

4. Remember The Test Of Time
Homeowners who want to ensure their roof’s color stays the same tomorrow as it is today should select material with high quality paint finishes, such as PVDF coatings. For those who prefer natural variances, some bare metals like copper will patina and naturally change color over time.

While color is the stylish consideration, don’t ignore the other benefits of a metal roof when talking to your customers. You can even dive deeper and share the benefits of the specific high-quality materials you use, like ventilation from Marco. Knowing you use—for example—a product like Marco’s LP2™ Ridge Vent that has a 40-year warranty and is made in the USA from recycled materials can really set you apart from your competition. 

While they may not care that LP2 can be installed by just one person in three easy steps, customers will see the value in the fact that LP2 (and, in fact, all of Marco’s ventilation solutions) use an exclusive nonwoven polyester material that delivers long-lasting resiliency and breathes, to help prevent moisture absorption that can lead to costly rework, repairs, and high energy costs. You can also explain to them how LP2’s superior net-free ventilation area helps keep out moisture, pests and dust … and how it delivers optimum ventilation at a cost lower than traditional fans and louvers.

The bottom line: be proactive. Color is a great way to get metal roofing into a prospects list of considerations, but all the other benefits—even the quality of specific materials you use—can help make the sale for metal roofing and for your company in particular.

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