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Marco From A Different Viewpoint: Randy Chaffee Speaks Up

Marco From A Different Viewpoint: Randy Chaffee Speaks Up

Randy Chaffee

They say you can tell a lot about a company by the way it treats its employees, partners, and vendors. Customers don’t always see the real deal, but those on the inside know the score.

Randy Chaffee, for example, knows the score. As an agent representative for manufacturing companies, he’s worked with plenty of organizations across the industry. In fact, he’s been in the metal roofing industry for 40+ years. More than 20 of those years, he has been representing Marco, so we asked him his thoughts about the company and its products.

“My job isn’t to sell, it’s to serve,” Chaffee said. “I do everything I can to provide my customers with the best product possible to meet their needs. Marco lets me do that.”

According to Chaffee, purchase decisions come down to three main things: price, quality, and service. And Marco delivers on all three.

“With Marco, you’ll always get a competitive price—not the cheapest—but always competitive. Better yet, you’ll get incredible quality and great service.

I’ve been in the market for decades, and I can say without hesitation that you can buy Marco with the assurance you’re getting great value. The quality for the price is second to none.”

Chaffee says when customers think of Marco, they think innovation, quality, and trust. And he agrees—especially when it comes to trust.

“Marco treats me like one of the family, even though I’m not a Marco employee,” he said. “Marco is open and honest with me, so I can be open and honest with customers. Even in these tough times with supply chain issues throughout the industry, Marco has never once kept me out of the loop or sugar-coated anything with me or customers. They’re straight shooters and I appreciate that.”

Chaffee went on to say how he’s seen firsthand that Marco hasn’t cut corners on quality, even though it might have been easier with the current supply issues. 

“Marco is here for long-term relationships,” Chaffee said, “so they’re up-front with distributors and customers, and they’re committed to the high quality standards they’ve built their reputation on. To me, that says it all.”

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