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Marco Helps Metal Roofing Magazine Celebrate 20 Years.

Marco Helps Metal Roofing Magazine Celebrate 20 Years.

Magazine Highlights Company’s Growth and Success.

Have you seen the new issue of Metal Roofing Magazine? They’re celebrating 20 years in the business. A leading voice in the industry, the publication has seen many changes through the years. One such change they’ve seen first-hand is the growth of Marco Industries. That’s because Marco was in the very first issue of Metal Roofing Magazine. And they are in the latest issue, too. Check out this excerpt from the article:

“Operating out of a small facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma—or a “shoebox” as Marco president Neil Westgarth jokingly describes it—Marco built a reputation for high-quality foam closure products. Today, the company offers the Marco Weather-Tite™ System, a comprehensive line of metal roofing ventilation and accessories offering easy installation, remarkable building ventilation, lower utility costs, extreme durability, and outstanding warranties.

Cutting-edge products like LP2, a superior low-profile ridge vent designed especially for metal roofs, and Flex-O-Vent, the flexible foam ridge vent material for all roof types, have put Marco on top. Because Marco manufacturers these products, customers receive consistent, reliable workmanship combined with the remarkable performance of Marco’s exclusive non-wicking, recycled polyester material—material that keeps out dust, insects and pests, while ventilating better than traditional fans, turbines, and louvers.

And what about that shoebox?

“Today, our Tulsa manufacturing and warehouse facility is nearly 250,000 square feet,” said Westgarth, “Plus, we have a 45,000 square-foot facility in Canada and three additional supporting distribution locations in Calgary, Atlanta, and the Tampa area.”

With decades of industry-leading customer service and award-winning products, Marco’s growth and success are no surprise. The company has focused on design and innovation, developing many proprietary products that are considered the best in the industry. In recent years, Marco has invested heavily in their long-term goal of being recognized as the leading manufacturer of ventilation products for the metal roofing industry for all roofing genres.”

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Today, Marco counts among its many customers more than 100 who were doing business with them back when that first issue of Metal Roofing Magazine was printed. Why the loyalty? Quality product. Great service. And a reputation for helping YOUR reputation by delivering the best performance, warranties, and support.

To learn more about Marco, visit or contact them directly by calling 1-800-800-8590.