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Marco On The Move.

Marco On The Move.

Company Maps Out New Future.

If you’ve seen the October issues of Metal Construction News and Metal Roofing Magazine, you know there is plenty going on at Marco Industries. Both publications feature an article of the company’s history along with recent changes that signal their future direction.

The article is an interesting read, starting in 1991 when a small company called Marco Industries retained Blake Atkins to handle their tax and legal matters. Atkins, an attorney and CPA, had numerous successful businesses as clients at the time and he recognized potential when he saw it. So he invested in his client. Again and again. Finally, in 2015, he found himself sole owner of the company. But even though Atkins had no prior experience in metal roofing, he does know how successful businesses work, and he’s put that knowledge to good use at Marco.

“From watching and working with many successful clients, I understand and appreciate good business practices and I saw real potential in the market for Marco,” Atkins said. “The real secret, though, is that I always endeavor to surround myself with smart people. I always say I want to have somebody smarter than me in every position at Marco, point them in the right direction, and let them do their job.”

The story goes on to mention improvements in production, logistics, purchasing, training and more as keys to Marco’s growth and success. It also highlights several recent changes in the company’s leadership team.

Neil Westgarth, who has worked with Marco since 2008, was named company President. This former police officer and rugby player from Wales has 20 years of industry experience, from sales and management positions to owning and operating his own roofing and scaffolding installation company. His in-depth knowledge of the metal roofing industry is key to the company’s future strategy and has been instrumental in its recent success.

Jill Porter, Marco’s very first office employee, was promoted to Vice President of Administration. Porter has been with the company 25 years and has served in various capacities. Her expertise keeps the back office running smoothly and efficiently which, in turn, helps the company focus on its excellent customer service.

Heath Tiefenauer was named Director of Operations after 14 years with the company. Having started as a shipper/receiver, Tiefenauer understands every logistical detail of operations within the company and has been an invaluable leader in helping transform the company’s processes.

According to Westgarth, these promotions and others are deliberate, strategic moves that place a great deal of experience in positions to lead the company into its next phase of success.

“We’re very proud of our history of innovation and service,” said Westgarth. “We’ve built a robust line of solutions, unbeatable product quality, and lean, efficient, in-house manufacturing capabilities. Now, our primary focus is getting our solutions to market in new, innovative ways through strategic partnerships, expanded distribution models and other avenues perhaps not typically associated with this industry.”

Read the full article in the October issues of Metal Construction News or Metal Roofing Magazine.