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Metal Roof Tax Credit Extended: Good News For Your Potential Customers.

Metal Roof Tax Credit Extended: Good News For Your Potential Customers.

As a metal roof installer, you no doubt promote the many benefits of metal roofing to help boost your business. For many roofers, the proven performance and quality warranties of Marco products are among those benefits used to help close a sale. Now you can add this to the list: the Federal Property Tax Credits incentive for installing an energy efficient metal roof have been extended until Dec. 31, 2020. This is good news for homeowners looking to save money on a new roof, and great news you can use to promote your services.

To take advantage of the tax credit, your customers will need to complete an additional IRS form (#5695). The maximum credit limit for roofing (in combination with all other applicable upgrades) is up to $500.

The tax credits are a direct result of the incredible energy savings potential of quality metal roofs, especially those which are ENERGY STAR-qualified and can help save energy by lowering roof temperatures. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that an ENERGY STAR-qualified roof can lower roof temperatures by as much as 50 degrees F. That’s a lot of stress taken off your customer’s HVAC system. These “cool roofs” as they are sometimes called, can emit as much as 85 percent of solar heat gain to help keep homes cooler. The results: less wear and tear on the cooling system and decrease cooling costs.

Be proactive in promoting these tax credits to potential customers. They could be the thing that closes deal for a metal roof or swings a customer your way over another contractor who didn’t bother to be as helpful. You might even reach out to past customers as well. Homeowners who had you install a qualified metal roof as early as 2018 but who did not submit for a tax credit at the time can receive a credit retroactively by completing IRS form #5695. While you’ve already gotten their business, it will create goodwill and word-of-mouth is a powerful new business tool.

For more information about tax credits that may be available for cool metal roofing and requirements, visit the ENERGY STAR website.

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