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Why Ventilate?

By George G. Allaster Over the years, I have been asked that question a thousand and one times! WHY VENTILATE? I think because you cannot see air, but you can feel air, that homeowners do not understand the damage air can cause

Cool Roofing.

According to the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition, metal roofing offers tremendous advantages in energy performance.  CMRC literature states that buildings consume one-third of all energy and two-thirds of all electricity generated. Cool roofs can help reduce energy consumption by lowering

Win MetalCon Cash!

Marco is giving away $50 every hour during MetalCon! How can you get your share of the cash? It’s easy. Come see us at the Marco booth (1527) as soon as you get to the show. The earlier you come

Fighting Urban Heat Islands.

The urban heat island effect plagues big cities coast to coast. Metal roofing is an effective tool to fight this urban warming. The Cool Metal Roofing Coalition has this to say about the subject: About half of the North American