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Top Ten Hail Damage Checklist For Your Customers.

Top Ten Hail Damage Checklist For Your Customers.

Drum Up Work By Educating Customers.

Each year, the National Weather Service records thousands of hailstorms in the U.S. The falling clumps of layered ice make for great videos on Facebook, but they’re a nightmare for cars, plants, and—yes—roofs! 

Knowing where hail will strike is very hard to determine. Texas, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Kansas, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, and Colorado are the top ten states for hail damage, but Mother Nature can strike just about anywhere. Knowing when the hail threat is high, however, is easier to pinpoint. Weather conditions in May through September are ideal for hailstorms. 

So now is the time to educate your customers about hail damage. As a pro, you are the one who should go on the roof to inspect for damage, but there are several ground-level signs your customers can look for after a storm that will let them know they need to call you. Your friends at Marco have put together this Top Ten list that you can share on your website, customer emails, or a mailer sent out to a list of prospects.

Top Ten Things To Check After A Hailstorm:

Following a hailstorm, there are obvious ground-level signs that may indicate you need to have your roof checked for damage. If you see any of these after a hailstorm, call us to have a professional safely check your roof for damage. 

Broken or dented siding may indicate roof damage as well.

Check metal and fiberglass window and door screen mesh for tears.

Outdoor Lights
Cracked or broken light fixtures on your home (or in your yard) may indicate heavy hail damage.

Gutters and Downspouts
Look for dents, cracks, paint chips, or holes.

Vinyl Fencing and Decks
Hail can cause holes or cracks in vinyl fencing and decking material.

Outdoor Furniture and Playsets
If uncovered, these items can sustain dings and dents during hailstorms.

Garage Doors and Sheds
Check the siding and doors for dents, dings, paint chips, and scuffs that may have resulted from the hailstorm.

Plants, Flowers, and Broken Limbs
Hail can tear through the leaves of bushes and shrubs. Broken limbs in your yard are also a sign of damaging wind or hail.

Shingle Debris
This one is obvious: shingles in your yard or pool is a sure sign that your roof needs checked out.

Hail Splatter Marks
This one isn’t so obvious, but the impact of hailstones can remove dirt and algae from driveways and sidewalks, leaving splatter marks of “clean” concrete.

Be prepared this storm season. Communicate with customers and prospects before the hail hits, so your name is top of mind. And if you do find some roofs that need repairing, remember the quality Weather-Tite™ Solutions from Marco. Talk to a Marco distributor (find yours today) or contact us direct by emailing here or calling 1-800-800-8590.