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Being Cold-Weather Ready Means More Than Warm Clothing.

Being Cold-Weather Ready Means More Than Warm Clothing.

The Right Underlayment Is Just As Important.

At Marco, we pride ourselves on delivering products that are easy to install. And when cold weather comes around, one product that always gets great reviews is our proven HydraShell™ underlayment. Roofers rely on HydraShell’s durable performance, knowing that we subject our underlayment to the toughest testing and back them with industry-leading warranties. But when November temps start to dip, roofers remember another thing they love about HydraShell: it stays flexible in cold weather so you aren’t wrestling with stiff, uncooperative material while up on the rooftop in the chill.

Want to check out the entire line?

  • HydraShell Max: The high-strength (25 times stronger than #15 felt and 12 times stronger than #30 felt), lightweight synthetic underlayment choice with a 30-year limited warranty.
  • HydraShell Supreme: The superior-performing underlayment for steeper slopes under asphalt shingles, synthetic shingles, cedar shakes and metal. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • HydraShell Supreme SA: The best choice in self-adhering synthetic underlayment for exceptional high-temperature and water protection. Backed by a 30-year limited warranty.
  • HydraShell Premium: Among the safest, strongest and best-performing solutions on the market with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • HydraShell Premium SA: One of the strongest, most reliable self-adhered roof underlayment available. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, it has the widest functional temperature range of any self-adhered underlayment and is up to four times lighter than competitive products (for easier installation) and is stronger than competitive products as well.

It’s up to you to make sure you and your crew are dressed properly for the cold, and to take all the proper precautions (check out OSHA’s Working Safely in Cold Weather tips). But don’t forget, that’s only part of getting ready for cold weather. Make sure you work with the right roofing materials, too. And stay safe up there.

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