HydraShell™ Premium SA

One of the strongest, most reliable options in self-adhered roof underlayment available, HydraShell Premium SA has the widest functional temperature range of any self-adhered underlayment, creating a continuous water-shedding surface without nailing. It is up to four times lighter than competitive products (for easier installation) and is stronger than competitive products as well.

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HydraShell Premium SA is rated for commercial and residential applications and is an ideal self-adhering underlayment for projects subject to ice-damming and severe weather. It meets code requirements for initial tack at 0°F and has a high-adhesive melt point at 280°F, making it the most versatile choice for a wide range of products. HydraShell Premium SA is resistant to tearing and stretching, it will not delaminate, and it features the most walkable surface in the industry with its proprietary Fiber Claw™ woven fabric surface.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

UV Exposure: 180 days

Weight per Two-Square Roll: 20 lbs

Roll Width: 48”

Basis Weight (ASTM D5261): 100 lbs/MSF

Thickness (ASTM D1970): 22 mils

Adhesion to Plywood (ASTM D1970):  6.8 lbf/in

Adhesion Melt Point (ASTM E28): 280°F

Flexibility Temperature (ASTM D1970): -20°F

Nail Sealability (ASTM D1970): Pass

How To Install

HydraShell Premium SA is unrivaled in its ease of application, requires no back nailing in the field of the roof, does not require priming at low temperatures and remains stable at extreme temperatures.