Anglekut™ Custom-Fit Beveled Closure

Anglekut’s unique beveled design creates a superior seal between metal roof panels that stops heavy and damaging water from getting in and around the hips and valleys of the roof. And because Anglekut can be made at any angle, it will fit any profile and seal out wind, water, birds and noise.
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Beveled closure designs make a valley or hip application easy to install. And you wind up with a seal as airtight as standard 90-degree closure strips. Anglekut™ beveled closures are made from crosslink polyethylene foam, the same material as M-Cell closures, which means they’ll last the lifetime of the building. Because the product doesn’t bleed, dry out or dissolve with weather and UV exposure, using 1-1/2” thick foam increases the strength of the beveled closure and ensures a superior seal of the open area. The dynamic design of these beveled closures makes Anglekut an easy replacement for materials like polyurethane strips or caulking.

Anglekut can be ordered using one simple form and is available with very quick turnaround.

How To Order
It’s fast and easy to order Anglekut. Just download and complete the order form. Need help? Call 1.800.800.8590 and we’ll walk you through each step in minutes!

How To Install

Place AngleKut Closure on substrate at hips, valleys or gables.