Marco's fasteners stand up to salt spray longer than all other leading fasteners. MatchTech and TripleGuard coatings more than triple the life expectancy of our fasteners. Our painted mechanical zinc fasteners were the only fasteners left standing after over 1,000 hours of continuous salt spray testing.

View the salt spray testing report from Sherry Laboratories. NOTE: Marco's fasteners are #1-4.



Marco's metal-to-wood fastener line.

With fasteners for roof and side panel applications, workhorse and heavy duty strengths, and low and no profile options, you can be sure that Marco has the right fastener for your metal-to-wood needs. And with further options like MatchTech, TripleGuard, SureShield, and ElectroPlate, you can be certain that the fasteners you choose will stick around long after the job is done.



A standing seam roof is only as reliable as the clips that hold it all together. Which is why Marco offers two premium models of clips made from heavy-duty, 22-gauge steel that will not fail under extreme heat, ice, rain or wind. In fact, heavy duty M-clips™ are UL-listed to ensure the utmost quality is in your hands. And our clips are completely free of burrs, preventing rust and other corrosion problems.



Marco's metal-to-metal fastener line.

The QuikDrill drill point is a self-drilling fastener for attaching metal roofs, sidewalls, and other metal panels. It's also the foundation of the Marco Weather-Tite™ System. When you see the care and quality that goes into these fasteners, you'll realize why the whole system makes sense.



This side panel screw helps your exterior fasteners keep a low profile – and doesn't sacrifice strength. With a standard Truss Head, six-lobe recessed driver providing an aesthetic, low-profile appearance on sidewall metal applications installed into metal girts, LoPro™ can get the job done and look good while doing it.



Marco's P2M (Plywood-2-Metal) winged fasteners start with a super sharp point that sports precise cutting edges, so you drill faster and with less effort.



Standard clip screws have regular profile heads. Those protruding heads can cause dimples in roof panels. Marco has solved the problem by offering low profile clip screws – with heads that are 50% lower than standard clip screws. And now, Marco also gives you the option of the UltraLo screw, which has a head that's 75% lower than a standard clip screw. If clip screws don't fasten tight, that can cause dimpled roof panels and result in serious loose panel problems. Problem solved by Marco's UltraLo clip screw with special deep thread that pulls the fastener tighter and resists pullout better. UltraLo clip screws are also designed with an aggressive double lead thread for faster installation.



A zinc-aluminum fastener that won't see red – ever. The ReZistor™ is a fastener that plans on sticking around long after your job is done. This zinc-alloy fastener is specifically designed for fastening corrugated steel roofing to wood panels used in post-frame construction and plywood or OSB.



For when you need both strength and beauty. You're going to take a real shine to ReZistor3™. This stainless steel fastener is designed specifically for attaching metal roof and sidewall panels used in pre-engineered metal building applications.