QuikGrip Metal-To-Wood Fasteners

Fastener Quickgrip M2W


Get proven Marco quality in a wide variety of fasteners designed specifically for superior performance in metal-to-wood applications.

Fastener Quickgrip LoPro


LoPro provides Marco performance and a quality, low-profile appearance on sidewall applications installed into wood substrates.

QuikDrill Metal-To-Metal Fasteners

Fastener Quickdrill M2M


These self-drilling screws are ideal for light-to-medium gauge metal-to-metal building applications.

Marco Industries M2M HD

Metal2Metal HD

These heavy-duty self-drilling fasteners are designed for drilling .250 to .500 steel thickness in heavy gauge applications.


Fastener Clipsrew M2W


Marco QuikGrip Metal2Wood ClipScrews are the ideal for attaching standing-seam roof clips to plywood, OSB, or wood purlins, with a unique head style configuration for superior performance.

Fastener Clipsrew Ultralow M2W

UltraLo M2W

Get a 45% lower-than-standard head height for low-profile securing of slotted, snap-lock roof panels to plywood, OSB, or wood purlins.

Fastener Clipsrew M2M


Marco QuikDrill Metal2Metal ClipScrews are specifically engineered to attach standing-seam roof clips to steel purlins or frames.

Fastener Selection & Terms

Fastener Selection

Need help selecting the correct fastener? Check out this handy guide, or feel free to contact us and ask!

Fastener Terms

Know your torsion strength from your tension strength, your pull over performance from your pull out performance.

MatchTech Paint System

Color And Performance

Get the color you want and the performance you need with Marco’s state-of-the-art, premium paint system finish. Choose from more than 70 standard paint colors and a virtually unlimited number of optional custom colors to match your metal panel requirements.