Python™ 150 Round Vent

With 150 square inches of Net Free Venting Area, the Python 150 Round Vent is ideal for larger roofs. It requires only a third of the roof penetrations of typical 50 NFVA vents, saving time and money. Made of high-impact polypropylene with heat stabilizers and UV inhibitors throughout, it will not rust or dent.

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The Python 150 Round Vent is suitable for any pitch from 2/12 to 16/12. Available in black, brown, and weatherwood, it can compliment any of today’s shingle color choices. The Python 150 Round Vent helps attics breath to keep cool and dry, reducing utility costs, preventing mold and mildew, extending shingle and roof-deck life, reducing air conditioning maintenance costs, and eliminating damaging ice dams in winter months.

Net Free Venting Area: 150 square inches per piece
Dimensions: 26" W x 26" L x 6.97” H
Material: No-break polypropylene 
Codes & Standards: TDI, FL Building Code, CSA
Passed: Florida TAS 100 (A) Wind & Water 110 mph
Colors: Black, Brown, Weatherwood
Roof Pitch: Conforms to any pitch from 2/12 to 12/12
Patents: US Pat No. 7,544,124, US Pat No. 7,780,510, US Pat No. 10,415,252
Vent Weight: 4.34 lbs. per piece
Pack Unit of Measurement: 1 per carton
Construction Detail: Heat stabilizers and UV inhibitors throughout
Durability: Will not dent or rust, UL 2218: Class 4 Impact (hail) Resistant


How To Install

The Python 150 Round Vent has no sharp edges, making it safer to handle and install. It’s virtually indestructible, with no bending of the flange or denting of the dome, and it requires a simple square cutout.