Python™ Weather-Tite™ Rolled Ridge Vent

Our durable, recycled polyester shingle-over ridge exhaust vent is designed to keep attics cool and dry all year long. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Python Weather-Tite Rolled Ridge Vent features non-wicking performance to keep out insects, dust and moisture with no clogs, deterioration, or dirt and snow trapping.


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Python Weather-Tite Rolled Ridge Vent is made from recycled plastic, so you can be confident you’re using a green building product. It effectively blocks insects, bats, birds, and wind-borne debris, dust and dirt. Its durable construction resists damage from ice, hail, and other weather with no warping and fewer loosening problems. Economical, quick to install, and proven in the field, Python Weather-Tite Rolled Ridge Vent will help lower utility costs and extend the life of your roof.

Net Free Venting Area for 3/4”: 17.5 sq. in. per lineal foot of ridge
Material: Highly durable and high-performing non-woven, non-wicking modified polyester. Made with over 90% recycled plastic and 30% post-consumer content.
Codes & Standards: FBC and CSA approvals
Color: Dark Grey
Nails: Coil of 1 ¾" Nails
Roof Pitch: Conforms to any pitch from 3/12 to 20/12
Pack Unit of Measurement: 1 per bag
Ridge Vent Roll Sizes: ¾” x 8” x 20’, ¾” x 10.5” x 20’,
¾” x 11.75” x 20’, ¾” x 10.5”x 50’, ¾” x 11.75” x 50’
Air Permeability: (ASTM D737) 760 cubic/minute
Tear Strength: ASTM D1294-86
Tensile Strength: ASTM D2261-83, Machine 25 ppi / Counter 25 ppi
Cold Crack Resistance: (GLIT C115) -25° F
Snow Infiltration: (CRL 5704) Zero
Self-Ignition Temperature: (ASTM D1929) 963° F
Weathering: UV stable, polyester composite
Maintenance: Properly installed, maintenance free

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