Single-Layer Ridge Vent

Our recycled plastic, single-layer ridge vent can be used under ridge caps, ridge shingles, and as a fascia vent to keep attics cooler in summer and dryer in winter.

  • For ALL roof applications
  • Under roofing, under hip/ridge shingles, and as an exhaust/intake fascia vent
  • Keeps attics cooler in summer, dryer in winter
  • Helps reduce utility costs
  • Non-wicking, helps keep out insects, dust, moisture
  • Durable, made from recycled plastic
  • Miami-Dade County Approved*
  • 50-Year limited warranty
  • ASTM testing: D1929, D737, D1294-86, D2261-83

*11 3/4” material

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Python™ is a single-layer ridge vent which is not fabric covered and comes in a coil. It’s a strong, durable, modified polyester and can be used under ridge caps, under ridge shingles, and as a fascia vent with all roof applications.

Python’s non-woven, non-wicking, fiber-based matting has no external baffle, which greatly reduces dirt and snow trapping. When used as a fascia vent, Python helps eliminate mold build-up. As a ridge vent, it helps keep out insects, dust, and moisture. This versatile product allows fresh air to be drawn into the attic and hot or stale air from inside to be drawn out through the ridge vent. The result? Reduced utility costs from a cooler attic in summer and a drier attic in winter.

Product FAQs


Net-Free Area for 3/4”: 18 sq. in. per lineal foot of ridge*
Net-Free Area for 1”: 19.4 sq. in. per lineal foot of ridge*
Air Permeability: (ASTM D737) 760 cu. ft. per minute
Tear & Tensile Strength: (Tear: ASTM D1294·86, Tensile: ASTM D2261·83) Machine 25 ppi / Counter 25 ppi
Self-Ignition Temperature: (ASTM D1929) 963° F
Cold Crack Resistance: (GLIT C115) -25º F
Snow Infiltration: (CRL 5704) –0–

*Effective Net Free Area determined by profile.

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Easy, One Person Installation

Python is made from recycled plastic, so you can be confident you’re using a green building product. Python is light and flexible, so it’s easy to handle and to install. And you can use every piece, so there’s virtually no waste.

Marco Industries Python Ridge Cap Step 1

Step 1

If not pre-cut, use a circular saw and carbide blade to open a 2” slot (1” on each side of ridge) starting and ending 6” from where hip and ridge vent begin and end. (For roof with center beam, open a 3 1/2” slot, 1 3/4” on each side of the ridge.)
Marco Industries Python Ridge Cap Step 2

Step 2

Cover entire ridge with Python material along the entire length of the slot.

Step 3

Use roofing nails to tack the vent in place and caulk ends together if ridge length is longer than a roll of Python. Install ridge caps over the Python ridge vent taking care to not overdrive roofing nails.