Python™ 65 Slant Back Vent

The patented Python 65 Slant Back Vent can be used as an intake or exhaust vent. Its innovative design features a lower profile than most static vents on the market, making it less visible on the roof for greater curb appeal. Its durable no-break polypropylene construction also eliminates unsightly dents and rust.

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The Python 65 Slant Back Vent features a high Net Free Venting Area of 65 square inches, requiring fewer roof penetrations. Suitable for any roof pitch from 2/12 to 16/12, its four side crickets shed water around the throat of the vent, making it virtually leak proof. At the bottom of the throat is a high-wind deflector which prevents wind-driven rain from entering the vent. Arrow-locking mechanisms prevent cap blow offs. The Python 65 Slant Back Vent is available in three colors: black, brown, and weatherwood.

Net Free Venting Area: 65 square inches per piece
Dimensions: 17" W x 22" L x 4.33” H
Material: No-break polypropylene 
Codes & Standards: TDI RV-123, FL Building Code FL38375
Passed: Florida TAS 100 (A) Wind & Water 110 mph
Colors: Black, Brown, Weatherwood
Roof Pitch: Conforms to any pitch from 2/12 to 12/12
Patents: US Pat No. 8,181,403, US Pat No. D629,093
Vent Weight: 2.065 lbs. per piece
Pack Unit of Measurement: 6 per carton
Side Crickets: 4, to shed water around the vent throat
Construction Detail: High-wind deflector prevents wind driven rain from entering vent
Durability: Will not dent or rust, UL 2218: Class 4 Impact (hail) Resistant
Arrow Shaped Locks: Prevent cap blow offs

How To Install

The Python 65 Slant Back Vent’s small size, light weight, and no-break polypropylene material ensure an easy installation.